The Power of The Ad Click

The first time I used an ad click site I thought “what a waste of time”. I spent about 10 mins clicking ads, earned around $0.01 and laughed at how ridiculous it was. How was that ever going to help me pay my bills?

It took me several years to figure out that completing ad clicks is actually far from being a waste of time. In fact, they are responsible for my online success in earning more money than I ever thought possible.

The power of the ad click is such that it can and will allow pretty much anyone with internet access, to earn a completely unlimited income.

Seriously, just stop and think about that for a moment. The humble ad click CAN and WILL help anyone earn unlimited income. That means the ad click has the power to remove poverty and equal the playing field for everyone who is willing to learn how to use it.

The moment I realised this was my personal eureka moment.

Before that moment I suddenly lost my high paid job and was working about 14 hours a day online. I was desperately trying to make enough money to pay my bills. I was doing paid surveys mostly, and boy were they tiresome and frustrating. They did however get me paid at a time when I needed money to buy food, so I have a kind of love/hate relationship with them now.

The Big Change

The big change for me came about when I realised I was literally running myself into the ground trying to earn money. I had no life and I had no luxuries. I had no time for anything except earning and I just about was managing to keep a roof over my head and food in my stomach. My mental and physical health were both deteriorating by the day. So one day I simply stopped……

I have no idea really what I thought was going to happen, but it certainly was not the miracle that I experienced.

I started to focus on ad click sites instead. I kept seeing these crazy high income claims from ad click sites and I was determined to figure it out.

It was really hard at first trying to stop myself from returning to the previous routine of working so much, but gradually my life and health both started to improve.

Finally I began to understand that the simple ad click hides the joy of passive income building behind its odd facade. That was the moment my online success started, and my income has never stopped increasing since.

Life Will Never Be The Same Again

Now I know that I should have looked much closer at the ad click sites initially. It would have saved me a lot of hard work and health problems. I also know for a fact that I now will never struggle for money again.

Ad clicks freed me from a prison of financial uncertainty, and from the need to work so many hours to keep my head above water. They taught me so much……and they allowed me to float to the top.

I owe everything I have today to the simple ad click.

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18 responses to “The Power of The Ad Click”

  1. Willie Combs avatar

    I enjoyed reading your post. Good info. Thanks

  2. Nadica Markovska avatar
    Nadica Markovska

    Very nice

  3. Suha Badah avatar
    Suha Badah

    If I have to pay you can forget about it as I don’t have a penny after all the online deceit people ripped all my money

    1. ellieclicks avatar

      You do not have to pay anything…..

    2. Chris Joy avatar

      ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ LOL ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Happened to the best of us! It will get better don’t give up ๐Ÿ’ช

  4. Kevan Cowley avatar
    Kevan Cowley

    If nobody is paying then where do referral commissions get generated, surely someone is paying somewhere down the line.

    1. ellieclicks avatar

      Hi Kevan, there are various ways that ad clicks generate revenue. Mostly it is coming from advertisers who want others to see their offers. You can get paid for the clicking part because some of the ad revenue is being shared with those who click the ads.

  5. Raju Mahtani avatar

    Dear Ellie

    I am happy and enlightened to start working on this one as well

    Please help me and train me, to be successful.

    Warm Regards


  6. thomas klein avatar
    thomas klein

    I like your posts and I am ready to learn

  7. Helena avatar

    Where’s are we supposed to join your email notification list? There’s no form on your page for it.

    1. ellieclicks avatar

      There is a form on the page, right at the bottom. If you don’t see it you can use this link:

  8. mike Vamplew avatar

    Yep good reading, I do 5 PTC click sites daily with Neobux my favourite and following Ellie’s advice beginning to start increasing daily earning from those sites.
    Like Ellie for years also thought what a waste of time, but now can see things bit more clearly.

  9. Raju Mahtani avatar
    Raju Mahtani

    I follow the process and click ads. For me it’s a learning process and planting the seeds. It is never a waste of time. Like watering the plants we every day and we shall get our fruit

  10. chiyako yahazkel avatar
    chiyako yahazkel

    I feal full motivations.

  11. Joseph avatar

    If anyone has any doubs about Ellies marketing prowess.
    This lady is up on top of the highest rankings bar none.
    Even above Jeff Aman. !!
    I have joined GDI under her guidance as “Ambassador”
    I have my Word-press blog set-up
    & created my first blog post with working capture page
    created on LeadsLeap.: I would be very grateful for your comment thank you.
    Kind regards
    Joseph D.

  12. Kevan avatar

    That was a great read thank you very much


  13. JanM aka RescueAngel avatar

    Thank you for your huge effort.
    Content is very valuable.
    In this context, If I may use these synonyms, too:
    The list could continue, but I have to do my daily routine, as I learned from you. Less words, Smart Work, not hard!

  14. Antonio Anacleto Serra avatar

    Hello Ellie,

    It’s helpful,
    Useful and
    Less words, Smart Work, not hard!

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