Welcome To The Clicking Millionaire

Thank you for checking out my new blog….. The Clicking Millionaire is my nickname these days, and I got it from making a LOT of money completing simple ad clicks online.

The funny thing is, when I first started working online, I joined an ad click site, clicked a few ads and promptly gave up. I really had no idea of the power I had at my fingertips.

Now however, I truly LOVE the ad click!

Fact is, it takes a little while to understand how clicking ads in exchange for payment of silly amounts like $0.0001 is actually worth doing. That is why I am writing this blog.

My plan is to show my readers exactly how powerful these little ad clicks really are.

I will be sharing the strategies that got me my nickname, providing information on which sites are worth using, and guidance on how to use them effectively.

In addition I will be providing a lot of guidance and help with the main thing that makes ad clicks so powerful: Team Building.

Building a team of people who love to click ads daily, takes some specific skills and strategies. You have to learn how to get others to see past the limits of earning those silly amounts for each click for a start….. Over the past 10+ years that I have been working online I have learned exactly how to do that.

I plan to teach the joy of the ad click, and how to turn $0.0001 into $100,000+

If you would like to learn how to do that I highly recommend you add your details to the form below. I will send you a new email each time I add a new blog post.

Ellie xx





34 responses to “Welcome To The Clicking Millionaire”

  1. Ahmed Chand avatar
    Ahmed Chand

    Please send me further informations

    1. Mike Mallows avatar
      Mike Mallows

      Please send me further info as promised

      1. ellieclicks avatar

        Have you joined my email list?

  2. Andre Beetge avatar
    Andre Beetge

    I want to learn your secret.

  3. Mahjabeen Asjad avatar
    Mahjabeen Asjad

    Please Ellie send me the info about this site.

  4. Nicoleta Carabineanu avatar
    Nicoleta Carabineanu

    Am confirmat email-ul mai departe ce trebuie sa fac?

    1. ellieclicks avatar

      Veți începe să vedeți e-mailurile mele zilnice acum

  5. Njenwie Abiya avatar
    Njenwie Abiya

    Great. Thank you for being there. I am Patiently waiting.

  6. Steve Beutel avatar
    Steve Beutel

    Please send info

  7. Jack D Bouchier avatar

    I really want to learn about this. I am trying to get into this line of work. To old to go back to school and to young to retire. Don’t know if my website is working.

  8. Jack D Bouchier avatar

    I would love to learn more about this. I am like a fish out of water here. Some direction would mean the world to me
    Thanks in advance.

  9. Dave vollhoffer avatar
    Dave vollhoffer

    This sounds great and would appeal to a lot of people.

    1. ellieclicks avatar

      Thank you and yes there are many people interested in learning this. I am looking forward to teaching it!

  10. Raju Mahtani avatar
    Raju Mahtani

    Please help me and teach me thanks

  11. Victor Courville avatar

    I’ve been with Leads Leap for over a year and I haven’t learned all the tricks about it yet. I hope you could teach me how to understand and get results. Years ago I was hoping to learn about Blogging as well. I just haven’t haven’t figured out, what type of Blogging is effective.. Thanks

  12. Pierre avatar

    Would like to be coached in this

  13. Abdussamii Abdurrauf avatar
    Abdussamii Abdurrauf

    Am very happy in associating with somebody like u, please would need further steps required by me to take to get every other things required of me? Please my sister!

  14. Jason Habben avatar

    More information PLEASE!

  15. Abdussamii Abdurrauf avatar
    Abdussamii Abdurrauf

    Very happy for knowing you and am hoping to get more informations through you and that will make me move ahead on my Internet something.

  16. Elen avatar

    Сколько писем надо получить? Я получила 20 писем об одном и том же ))))

    1. ellieclicks avatar

      I am guessing you got a lot of emails from different traffic sites Elen. At least you came to say hello as a result!

  17. Joseph avatar

    Finally I meet my country cousin ~ My dear mother was Jane Murphy rest her soul. I know we will be great friends~ I am very impressed with your marketing prowess. Love your dog.

    1. ellieclicks avatar

      Ah how wonderful! The Murphy clan reaches far and wide…. great to meet you Joseph!
      Marketing is great fun when you learn how to do it, and there is always room for improvement, so I keep getting better and better lol!! I am sure you will enjoy the blog and learning about my methods.

      1. Joseph avatar

        I am already learning Ellie thank you so much ~ Joined
        Blog set up
        BLOG-POSTS ~ 1 & 2 & Welcome blog
        + Capture page done
        re-directed to LL
        Don’t know if Capture page is pointing to LL List ?
        How can I check this ?
        Joseph D.

        1. ellieclicks avatar

          The best way to check if your page and list are connected ok is to enter your own details in the capture page form…..

  18. Kamlesh Khotekar avatar

    Thanks sir great good ways to earn money 🤑💰💰

  19. Philip Adetunji avatar

    Thanks For Your Efforts. Philip.

  20. Barbara Johnson avatar
    Barbara Johnson

    I am 79 years old. I understand the internet and can do quite a bit. But I have a problem with leapleads understanding what to do for splash pages and funnels.

  21. Henriette Jacobs avatar
    Henriette Jacobs

    I have been trying to make an income on the internet for some time now, and I am following your instructions, Thank you for all the information and I am positive that I will start earning my $10000 per month goal soon with all your super advice.

  22. Njenwie Abiya avatar

    Oh I know Rome was not built in a day. I know 1 day Millions and Billions will enter me from Clicks on Ads.

  23. Kevan avatar

    Well Ellieclicks,
    As I said you have sure got me looking and doing some so
    I am sure you will have some more interesting things as it goes along.

    Thank you!

  24. Glenn Brown avatar

    would like to learn more please send me your blogs

  25. Antonio Anacleto Serra avatar
    Antonio Anacleto Serra

    My warm thank you Ellie,
    I would love to learn Ellie, I am newbie, would you send me you blogs and well Ellieclcicks.

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