The Secret To Effective Team Building

Effective team building is a real skill that takes a bit of time to master. However it gets easier and easier as you learn.

It is not about trying to convince anyone to join you on a specific site. It is about learning how to create a list of people who are ready and willing to listen to what you have to say.

The first step to this process is learning how to create the list of people who are most likely to be interested in your opinion. For this you need to have an account that offers list building software. My favourite account for this is Leadsleap.

Click Here To Join Leadsleap for Free.

Leadsleap provides the tools you need to get started with list building for free. You can upgrade later for additional benefits, but for now the free account is perfect for what you need.

I will teach you exactly how to use Leadsleap for effective team building. It is a professional marketing account. Learning how to use it will make team building a lot easier and more effective for you.

The Team Building Process

Team building is a process, with different parts. It is important that you learn to think about these parts individually. The first part is all about attracting people from your target audience. This is achieved with an advert.

Your advert should be very specifically aimed at getting the attention of the kind of people you want to work with. For example you do not want to work with people who have the “get rich quick mindset”. Instead you want to attract people who are willing to learn and who understand what you are going to teach them takes a bit of time and patience. Yet it is worth the effort.

I have created an advert for you to use (I teach you how to import this ad in my next blog post):

The second part of the process involves providing the information to the people who have asked for it. The information should provide clear instructions for them to follow. It is not enough to say “Join this site”. To get people who actively use the site you need to teach them how to use it.

I have also written this information for you to use. As we will focus first on team building for Earn Bit Moon, you will use the information in my blog post Start Earning Today Do make sure you have read that post, joined this site and started using it yourself.

In my next blog post I will explain how you can import my advert into your Leadsleap account, and how to share the information.

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  1. Kevan avatar

    Hi there yeah it is me again. I have joined TeamBuildMachine
    It will be good to be in right at athe start. So with that in mind
    you say at the start that there is 5 Programmes to join.
    Welcome To Team Build Machine
    Important Info On How To Use Team Build Machine!
    To use this site effectively you should view each of our 5 beginner ads first and register for a free account if not already joined. These 5 ads are only shown to new members so you get ONE chance to register. Now I do not want to miss the chance so are theses the first 5 Ads we see when we click on the earn Money view advertisements? or are they the ones on the paid to sign up offers. Mind I have not looked there yet? I just do not want to get this first part wrong. lol

    Thanks for reading

  2. Kim Fowler avatar
    Kim Fowler

    I joined earn bitmoon but I can’t login the capture just keeps on spinning.

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