How to Import A Lead Capture Page Into Leadsleap

To import a lead capture page into Leadsleap takes just a few clicks. Follow the instructions below and you will soon have the advert I have created for you in your Leadsleap account.

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Why Do You Need A Lead Capture Page?

The lead capture page that I am providing for you is the advert that I created. It is designed specifically to attract people who are interested in learning about building unlimited income online.

The capture page has a form included on it, where people provide their email address to request further information. This is how you build a contact list of people who are interested in what you are going to be talking about.

Why You Should Never Share A Direct Referral Link

When you are new to this industry it might seem like a better idea to just share your direct referral link to the site you want someone to join. This is a bad idea because it means you lose the ability to contact that referral yourself. In fact what you are doing is adding that person to the contact list of the site owner.

You are doing all the work of getting referrals, but are building the contact list of someone else when you share a direct referral link. The person you referred will often not know that you exist.

This means you can’t send them the information on how to use the site (which leads to inactive referrals), you do not get recognised as the sponsor (you have no status or influence), and you can’t share any other opportunies with them either.

Using a lead capture page to get someone onto your contact list first, helps to overcome all of these issues at the same time.

How To Import A Lead Capture Page Into Leadsleap

Now you know why you need to use this page method, lets get the page into your Leadsleap account.

When you log in to Leadsleap you will see a long menu of all the tools that Leadsleap provides. You need to use the PAGE MANAGER tool to import the page I have created.

In the page manager section, you will see the blue ADD A NEW PAGE button as shown above. Click this button and you will see a pop up form where you add a name for the page. I recommend you use the name: Learn To Create Unlimited Income Online.

Click on the blue ADD NOW button. You have now added a page, and next you will add the design. To do this click on the ADD A NEW DESIGN button:

Now you will see 2 different options. The first is to add a blank page, and the second is to import with a share code:

In the code box enter this code and click IMPORT NOW: page-azVGZNfRn

When you have done that you will have a copy of this page inside your Leadsleap Account.

Before you can use this page you need to activate it, and link it to an email list.

To activate the page you just need to click on the little round arrows beside where it says INACTIVE:

It will change to say ACTIVE in green when you have done that.

Please note you will see a red notification error message saying LIST DOES NOT EXIST. We will fix that in the next step (you just don’t have a list yet).

So I know you have completed this step ok please comment below to say “DONE”. If you are having problems with this step comment with “HELP” and I will email you to provide assistance ASAP.

Adding An Email List

In my next blog post I will show you step by step how to add an email list to your Leadsleap account. Not getting emails from me yet? Add your details to the form below and I will send a link to each of my blog posts in the order you should read them.





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  1. […] You will use a lead capture page to get people onto your list, you do not need to have any contacts already. Make sure you have followed the steps provided to import a copy of my lead capture page. […]

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    Help: Hi Allie, I have followed your recommend steps to import a lead capture page. But I have no idea if what I have done is correct or not.
    Are there any way in which I can check what I have done so far.
    I feel as if I am blind folded currently.

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      Yes of course, I will email you for a chat about it!

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    Excited to learn something very important and useful tool for building a list and income.

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    I completed the steps and the page shows active.

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