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I recently joined a site that pays a lot more for ad clicks than the usual $0.001. This is not a typical ad click site, and I have actually earned (and been paid) close to $400 in the space of a week. You can see some of my earning proof screenshots further down the page.

The site is called 100 Percent Clicks, and you can click here to join and earn for free.

How To Earn on 100 Percent Clicks

I earned the majority of my $380+ by using ad clicks in a rather different way (and I will explain that below as well). However in the past 2 days I was also paid $2.00 and $0.75 just from clicking 35 ads per day on the site.

To do that simply register for free, verify your email address, and you will start receiving emails from other members.

Inside these emails, you will find a link to click that looks like this:

To find those links just open the email and scroll down. There will be several links inside, so make sure you only click the one that says CLICK THE LINK TO RECEIVE CREDITS as shown above.

When you click the link it will open a new window where you view the advert from the member who sent the email.

At the top of the advert page you will see the prize drawing image. This tells you that 35 ad clicks are required to be eligible for the prize drawing. As you can see it also tells you how many clicks you have completed on that day as well.

The prize drawings are for cash and for advertising credits, and are allocated randomly. Not everyone who clicks 35 ads will win a prize. However I have won cash both days that I clicked 35 ads:

Earning Higher Level Commission

As you can see in the image above I have also earned multiple $20 and $8 commissions. These were also earned by clicking ads, but this time I used the ad clicks to earn ad credits. I then used those ad credits to send my own advert that promoted 100 Percent Clicks. I earned the commission payments when I got a referral who paid for an upgrade on the site.

To achieve this I had to complete the ad clicks on another site. I actually used 2 different sites for earning the ad credits. These 2 sites will also pay you some cash bonuses at the same time as you earn ad credits. You can join them below:

Infinity Traffic Boost

Infinity Mailer Boost

I will provide step by step instructions on how to use these sites to earn ad credits and the cash bonuses in another blog post.

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