Yes Ad Clicks Can Pay You $30K A Month When You Work Consistenty

Yes Ad Clicks Pay! Can ad clicks pay you $30K a month though? Lets have a look and see……

I joined a new site about a month ago and just got paid $19.26 as you can see below:

When I started working on this site I got lots of people saying “It Doesn’t Pay” but I had done my research and knew that there were plenty of positive reports. Nonetheless I started wondering…… “will I actually get paid?”

Now I have been paid from this site myself I am much happier about including it in my clicking millionaire plan and sharing it with others. This site is called Ads by UAP.

Click Here To Join Ads by UAP

How To Earn with Ads By UAP?

It is very simple to get started using this site. You register for free then click on the EARN MONEY tab, then View Advertisements:

This site is protected from bots so you will need to complete the captcha first of all:

After you complete that you will also need to click on the red bar at the top of the ad clicks page or you will just see spinning ads that do not load.

There are a lot of ads available on this site and by clicking on them all you can earn around $0.10 per day without any referrals at all:

I complete all ad clicks available on this site as it is a very easy way to start building daily cash flow.

Why Bother Earning $0.10 A Day?

I get asked all the time why I would bother spending time on a site that pays me $0.10 a day? My answer is always because it pays me $0.10 per day….. I know for a fact, no matter what, if I spend a few mins a day clicking ads on this site I WILL make money. When I have a small amount of money I can work on multiplying that money, and I do not have to rely on anyone else to get it.

In other words, clicking ads that pay a little money is time well spent.

I do not just see the fact I earn $0.10 per day. I see the fact that I can grow a really great income stream BECAUSE I can earn $0.10 a day without another person having to do anything.

I know for a fact that I can easily spend a little time on ad clicks sites and no matter what I will get paid. When I have earned $1 or $5 or $10 or $20 etc I can then use those funds to make more money.

I prefer to work in terms of I WILL earn a little, instead of I MIGHT earn a lot.

Fact is, people are willing to spend hours clicking on ads to get ad credits so they can promote an opportunity in the hope they will get a referral who pays $10 to join them. My method means that I know I will get $10…. and the chances are pretty high that I will make $10 clicking ads before someone who is trying to get a paid referral as well.

My method makes more sense to me than hoping and wishing for a paid referral which might never appear. I can’t pay my bills with maybes…..

Why Focus On Building Daily Cashflow?

Building daily cashflow is really easy to do. If I want to earn more than $0.10 a day I can work on another ad click site and earn $0.20 a day instead. If I want to earn $0.30 a day I can do more paid ad clicks. The more paid ad clicks I do the more money I make…. its simple.

However, everyone has a limit to how much time they can spend clicking ads. It makes sense to say there isn’t enough time in the day to click enough ads to pay your bills…. right?

Daily cashflow is NOT about earning enough to pay your bills, it is about getting a foot on the ladder. It is just the beginning of building a much higher level income. By earning just $0.35 a day completing ad clicks I know for a fact I will have $10 a month available. That is $10 a month that I can use to create high level income. I can use it to pay for traffic for example, or site fees, or literally put it into a bank account that pays interest and that $10 a month WILL grow.

How Ad Clicks Can Pay You $30K Per Month Example

With $10 a month (or $0.35 per day) I can pay the monthly site fees for Global Domains International. Here is an earning screenshot from that site:

So when I spend the time clicking ads each day and aim to earn just $0.35 per day, then I can open the door to earnings like the $30,000 per month example shown above.

I don’t click ads for pennies….. I click ads because they allow me to make me a LOT of money with sites like Global Domains International.

Click Here To Join Global Domains International when you have reached daily cashflow of $0.35 per day.

If I then click a few more ads each day I can use some of those earnings to pay for traffic to promote Global Domains International. THAT is how you can earn $30,000 a month from completing daily ad clicks.

In fact, with just a very small amount of daily cashflow I can achieve a LOT of things when I use that money in specific ways. THAT is why I am called The Clicking Millionaire…..

PS I use my account with Global Domains International for this blog. This single blog post gets me a steady flow of new referrals on Ads by UAP. That means I earn much more than $0.10 a day with Ads by UAP and those funds pay for my advertising of this site.

When people see how simple this is to do, it also gets me a steady flow of paid referrals for Global Domains International.

See how amazing ad clicks are yet?

Ellie xx






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  1. Sadaf nazir avatar

    I want to become millionaire

    1. ellieclicks avatar

      If you are willing to work for it then there is no reason why it can’t happen….

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