Why You Only Need $1 A Day To Succeed Online

When you focus on building daily cash flow to just $1 a day something quite magical happens. You learn that you can actually reach any amount that you want to earn.

I get asked all the time “How can I reach $10 a day of earning?” The answer is focus on building daily cash flow to $1 a day first of all. The answer is the same if you want to earn $100 a day, or $1000 a day.

Why Aim For $1 A Day?

$1 a day might not sound like much, but it is extremely significant. $1 a day = $30 a month. That means you can pay for a $10 a month program AND have $20 a month left over for promoting too.

$10 a month will pay for Global Domains International and that account can be used to create a blog just like this one. Or like my affiliate marketing blog.

That means when you earn $1 a day you can have your own blog like this one AND have fully automated advertising running to promote the blog posts too. The blog posts can be used to promote absolutely anything of course, but lets look at what happens with a SINGLE blog post that promotes just 2 programs:

The Two Programs To Promote Are:

Ads by UAP and Global Domains International

Click Here To Join Ads By UAP (Click ads daily to generate cash flow)

Click Here To Join Global Domains International (After Joining I teach you how to create a blog like this one)

This single blog post starts generating referrals who join BOTH sites at the same time. Those who do this earn more daily cash flow on UAP and this pays for even more advertising. The more daily cash flow is earned, the more advertising it pays for.

It creates a complete cycle of success where EVERYONE is making money and EVERYONE starts earning more and more and more.

THAT is why you should always focus on building daily cashflow to just $1 a day if you want to succeed online. When you do it, you can talk about ANY program you want in a blog post AND have a steady stream of ads promoting that post.

When you add new blog posts promoting different programs it then becomes a fully automated money generation machine that never stops working for you.

You will make money like you have only ever dreamed of making…..

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6 responses to “Why You Only Need $1 A Day To Succeed Online”

  1. Rodney avatar

    Thank you Ellie! I use to have the mindset of why waste time on pennies. Since I’ve been working with you, that mindset has changed! I understand now! I’ve wasted a lot of years with the wrong mindset.

    1. ellieclicks avatar

      Ah my goodness Rodney…… I thought I would never get you to see it, but now I am smiling from ear to ear my friend.
      Now you will start to move forward like never before!!

  2. Charles P Wilson avatar
    Charles P Wilson

    Thanks for everything Ellie you did a great job posting this good morning and God bless you

  3. thomas klein avatar
    thomas klein

    Thank you Ellie I joined both of them

  4. michael keep avatar
    michael keep

    Hi Ellie ,

    I have joined UAP and GDI, looking forward to working with you.

  5. Kevan avatar

    Hi there Ellie yes in both and looking forward to working with you as well. In as many places as I can but need to be working at it as ou sure seem to be moving fast. So this one might be a good plan as then it will be as we say ticking over.

    Thanks for reading

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