The Proven Way To Achieve Your Online Income Goals

To achieve your online income goals you need to have a clear and manageable plan to follow. This plan needs to be based on things that you can and will actually do. There is no point in saying you will click ads for 10 hours a day if you do not have the ability and motivation to actually do that for example.

My own planning system always works in the same way regardless of what I want to achieve:

Step 1 = Give Myself A Specific Target Amount

This amount could be anything really, but I highly recommend you start off with a small number to aim for. I suggest you choose one of the following:

  • $1
  • $5
  • $10

Step 2 = Decide What To Do With That Amount

It is important that you know exactly what you are going to do with this money when you have earned it. Have an idea in mind about how you will make it grow.

For example, if aiming for $1 you could use that to start building up an account on Paid Verts.

If aiming for $5 you could use that to purchase a feeder position and first level position on Crypto Team Build.

If aiming for $10 you could use that to start building passive income via Ad Pack Share Club or Bit Sports

Another great $10 alternative is The Shiny Ball Syndrome if you are interested in affiliate marketing.

NONE of these options require any team building to start making money from your initial funds. There are referral rotators or automatic systems in place that will make money for you with each of these. These tend to be slow so it is best to work on team building too.

IF you decide to work on team building for these opportunities you will earn more and you will earn faster as well. This is the main way you will be able to move forward in your online income goals…..however the systems in place on each site will provide a backup for you.

Step 3 – Decide On How To Earn Your Funds To Get Started

I prefer ad clicks of course, so my preference would be:

To earn $1 – I would use Earn Bit Moon

To earn $5 – I would use Ad Rev Split or Timebucks

To earn $10 – I would use Ads by UAP or Timebucks

Step 4 – Learn To Speed Up Earning

Although you will be able to reach your target of $1, $5 or $10 just from clicking ads yourself, it will be a lot faster if you work on team building for the site that you are using to earn your initial funds target.

Another option that you have is to work on multiple goals at the same time. You can easily work on Earn Bit Moon to earn $1, work on Ad Rev Split to earn $5 and work on Ads by UAP to earn $10 (though withdrawal on there is $20). It takes about 10 – 15 mins a day to work on all 3 sites each day and doing that will move you forward much much faster.

Step 5 – Give Yourself A New Goal To Achieve

Some of the goals you can simply work on over and over again. You can keep earning $1 via Earn Bit Moon and putting it into Paid Verts to help you move up the earning levels on there.

You could keep working on Ad Rev Split or Timebucks to earn another $5. You could use this to pay for automated advertising on Infinity Traffic Boost to help you gain referrals for Crypto Team Build.

You could work on Ads by UAP to fund many different options, or you could focus on using it just to build Ad Pack Share Club or Bit Sports to the higher levels.

Stepping Stones To Success

Regardless of your specific plan you should ALWAYS look at creating a stepping stone system that will allow you to move higher and higher up the earning scale. When you do that online earning becomes very simple.

This is a proven method that I used to get started from nothing and work my way forward to success. In fact it worked so well that I am now earning much much more than I ever thought possible…..

Pro Tip For Team Building

Take the time to look back over this blog post and check how many different sites I am promoting in it. This is one of the easiest ways to build multiple sites all at the same time.

I write a blog post and share it with my email list and in my Facebook Groups. Just by doing that I can practically guarantee that I will get multiple referrals on each site in this post.

In addition I can send this post to many people on traffic sites too, and that gets me new subscribers and blog followers.

If you want to do this too (and I recommend you do), then join my team on GDI. When you do that you have my full permission to copy and paste this blog post onto your own blog. Obviously you should update the referral links to your own so you get the benefit of doing that.

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9 responses to “The Proven Way To Achieve Your Online Income Goals”

  1. Pon Heng (P H ) Tan avatar

    Thank you for your follow up emails and blogs. You do have a non- threatening approach to building up a potential member to your various online business. I guess you must have a substantial loyal following.
    I will definetly join you in Shiny Ball Syndrome first and then proceed to the other revenues from as recommended in your blog. As I am not techy and not that computer savvy I hope that you will give me technical guidance whenever I neede them.
    I will join with $10 first, study the system and upgrade accordingly.
    I do appreciate your non-threatening approach and style. It shows that you do care, not only for yourself but also for the growth and progress of those who follows you

    Thank you

    1. ellieclicks avatar

      Thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment Pon Heng, I much appreciate it. I am glad you enjoy my style of writing and building up income levels. I do indeed have a large loyal following and I am teaching others to use the same methods as me for doing this – I think there is a big demand for people who are willing to take the time to teach people how to make money without large investment or tools being required.

      I will certainly do my best to provide you with any support you might need. Comment on the blog or pop over to my Facebook group if you need any assistance. My facebook group link is:

      Ellie xx

      1. Dave Shelton avatar
        Dave Shelton

        Hi Ellie

        This is all so helpful. How do we actually join your GDI team?

        1. ellieclicks avatar

          I am glad you are finding the blog useful Dave.
          You can join my GDI team using this link:

    2. Gino De Peers avatar

      Seconded, Ellie is the best

      1. ellieclicks avatar

        Ah thank you Gino!!
        Much appreciated 🙂

  2. irfan aftab avatar

    I have 0.00012107 BTC can I buy package At ITB or I pay some from CCB or Bitmoon

    1. ellieclicks avatar

      You need to have 0.000125 via ITB Funds to purchase TPO1 so you are very close – I think a few more days of surfing and you will have it. That would save you any payment fees for moving funds into your account.

  3. Randall Jenkins avatar
    Randall Jenkins

    Ellie thank you for your wisdom and guidance. I rejoin GDI on your team. Can you send me the blog post that instructs how to set-up your blog.

    Thank you

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