You Should Definitely Use This Free Site Daily To Build High Level Income From Zero

If you want to build high level income from zero you should definitely use this free site. It is very simple to use, pays a higher amount for ad clicks than most sites and it will help to propel you into great success online.

The first site is called Ads by UAP and you can click here to join it.

After joining then you need to complete all the ad clicks available every single day. It will take about 5 – 10 mins a day.

At first you will be able to earn around $0.10 a day, but I am going to teach you how to reach earnings of $1 a day ASAP. $1 a day is a magic figure to aim for because it will open up the doors to earning unlimited $10 – $100+ per day.

The first thing you need to focus on though is to get into the habit of completing the ad clicks daily. I suggest you do this as the very first online earning task you work on each day – Yes it is that important.

To complete the ad clicks you go to the EARN MONEY tab, then the VIEW ADVERTISEMENTS tab. You will need to complete the captcha and this opens the ad click page.

When on the ad click page you need to complete the red bar click first of all to unlock the others:

When this is done you will have quite a few ads available to click on each day. Take the time to complete them all each day as this will help you to move forward much faster.

How To Reach $1+ A Day with Ads by UAP

There are actually 2 different ways to can achieve this. The first one is a NO REFERRALS method. You just click the ads daily and save for a withdrawal. I recommend you wait until you have earned $21 before claiming the cash due to the withdrawal fees. This will take some time, but it is worth it.

You then put $10 into each of these sites (of course you can add funds to these sites before you have earned it if you want to):

Ad Pack Share Club (APSC)

Bit Sports

These 2 sites will provide fully automated daily cash with no clicks required. With $10 in each one you will get about $0.15 per day back. With your daily ad clicks on UAP you will be earning $0.25 per day. Now you can just wait until you have $10 back from each fully automated site, and reinvest that. However if you keep completing the ad clicks on UAP daily as well this is what happens:

You get $10 from APSC, $10 from Bit Sports and $20 from UAP. When you put these funds into the 2 passive income sites you will be earning about $0.60 per day…. but still just completing the daily ad clicks on UAP.

Now you are earning $0.60 per day it is much faster to reach $10. When you have earned $10 again then put it back into the passive earning sites.

With just one more investment of funds earned you will reach $1 a day.

When you keep doing this you end up with 2 accounts that each pay you $10+ per day like this:

I am earning $11+ a day from doing nothing with this single account!

I have just started using Bit Sports with $10 added:

Remember that you started off earning just $0.10 per day….. and clicking ads for 10 mins a day.

Are you starting to understand why you should use UAP daily to click on ads?

Multiplying Your Earnings Faster Than Light!

Ok, so the savvy people reading this post will know that it is going to take a bit of time for this to happen when you are earning just $0.10 a day on UAP. It will still happen…… it is just SLOW.

However, it is very easy to reach $1 a day of earnings with UAP instead. This uses the REFERRAL method. With just 2 active referrals on UAP you DOUBLE your earnings to $0.20 per day, with 4 you reach $0.30 per day, 6 = $0.40 per day.

Do you see how fast you can reach $1 a day with just a few active referrals?

No good at getting referrals?

I can teach you how to set up a fully automated system that adds referrals to UAP for you. In fact the simple system will also get you PAID referrals on Ad Pack Share Club and Bit Sports at the same time. Then you will be making extra money on both of those sites too……

If you want to learn how to do that, just keep an eye out for my next post.

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8 responses to “You Should Definitely Use This Free Site Daily To Build High Level Income From Zero”

  1. Raju mahtani avatar
    Raju mahtani

    Please help me recover my account in AdsUap. My IP address is blocked thank you.

    1. ellieclicks avatar

      I can’t do anything, you need to contact support.

  2. thomas klein avatar
    thomas klein

    I have started this plan can I put $10 in each to start it faster

    1. ellieclicks avatar

      Yes you can Thomas!

    1. ellieclicks avatar

      Its up to you, you can join and start right now using the links in the blog post.

  3. Raju mahtani avatar
    Raju mahtani

    I am contacting support te reactivate ADSUAP

    FOR THE OTHER 2 PROGRAMS I am starting today.

    1. David avatar

      Please, teach me how to set up a fully automated system that adds referrals to UAP for me. Send me a mail when the post is ready. Thanks

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