Cash, Traffic or Both?

You know it is quite funny when I look back over my online earning career sometimes. I was so niave when I first started that I literally googled “how to make money online?” It is no wonder then that there was a steep learning curve for me to get to where I am today.

One thing that I did learn, and I see many people making this same mistake, is that you cannot focus on just 1 thing. When you do that then you are only playing with half of the deck.

There are 2 very distinct areas that you need to work on EQUALLY to succeed:

Cash Generation

Traffic Generation

Together these form a kind of weave. Like the thread in any fabric goes both horizontal and vertical, cash and traffic have to form the foundation that holds everything together.

The main mistake that I made in the beginning was trying to work on these separately. To be honest I didn’t even know about traffic at first, like most people in my situation my mind was 100% on the cash. However looking back I now understand that this single minded attitude really held me back for years. At the same time though I am not sure I had room in my mind for anything else back then. I needed cash to put food in my mouth. It doesn’t get much more basic than that.

It was only when I started learning about traffic though, that my earnings started to increase. So had I made the space to think about traffic too then life would have gotten easier much faster than it did.

Anyway…. it is easy to see these things in retrospect. Do try not to make the same mistake that I did.

How To Combine Cash and Traffic?

There are 2 main ways really to work on both cash and traffic generation together. You can do one and then the other, or you can do them both at the same time. Here are a few examples:

I could use a free site such as Ads by UAP to click on ads for cash.

I could then use a free traffic site such as Actual Hits 4U to click on ads for advertising credits.

However I also have the option to earn some cash AND advertising at the same time with Actual Hits 4U. In fact by surfing just 1000 pages on Actual Hits 4U I was able to earn $14 in cash as well as a LOT of advertising:

You can see that I got $13 in piggy bank fund awarded when I reached 1000 pages surfed. I also got $1 in cash funds added earlier.

Now here is where it really starts to get interesting. I can use those funds to pay for advertising on Actual Hits 4U to help me get referrals to join my team on Ads by UAP.

Remember I said about the threads in fabric going both horizontal and vertical at the same time? When I use the advertising funds on Actual HIts 4U to work on getting referrals on Ads by UAP that is what I am doing.

It creates the cycle of success that is needed to reach high level income online. The advertising funds are earned from surfing, but used to help with team building which increases cashflow. The more cashflow you have the more advertising you can do.

The TWO parts of cash and traffic are inextricably linked, yet everyone tries to work on just one side of the scale…..

My system of using ad clicks for cashflow AND traffic for promoting is what pushes me forward all the time.

I click ads for cash and I earn a little. I click ads for advertising credits and I earn a little. When I work consistently on BOTH however then both sides of the scale start moving upwards TOGETHER.

It is a balance that can’t be broken. Its like the law of the jungle for online earning.

If you are struggling to make progress then look at the balance between cash and traffic. You will find the problem and solve it.

If you are not generating cash on a daily basis then use Ads by UAP.

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If you are not generating traffic on a daily basis then use Actual HIts 4U.

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Use them TOGETHER to push you forward. You need BOTH sides to succeed.

Ellie xx






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