Can You Earn $1000 Online Just from Surfing on Traffic Exchanges?

To be 100% honest there are many ways you can earn $1000 online….. and I plan to write multiple blog posts on this topic. Today I want to look specifically at earning just from surfing on Traffic Exchanges.

In case you don’t know already, a traffic exchange is a site that is provided for advertising your online earning opportunities. Well you can actually use them to promote all kinds of things really, but they are mostly used by people in the work online niche.

Personally I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with traffic exchanges, and this means that I use them for a while and then give up. I take a break and I go back to using them again. This habit means that I do not earn consistently, however I have still earned a significant amount from using them.

How To Earn With Traffic Exchanges

The main way of earning with traffic exchanges is by promoting them to people who work online. When you get referrals who pay for advertising services then you will earn a commission. However, there are other ways to earn as well.

Many traffic exchanges provide you with the chance of making money simply through surfing the ads that are placed by other members. This is a little bit like PTC (Pay to click) ads, but actually it can be a lot more fun. Traffic exchanges often have different games and competitions running and many of them offer bonus cash when you join as well. These games and bonuses can be used as a way to earn a decent amount of money.

A Specific Example – Earning on Hungry for Hits

Hungry for Hits is one of the most popular traffic exchanges online, and you can quite easily use this single site to earn $1000.

Click Here To Join Hungry for Hits

The main thing you need to remember when using Hungry for Hits to make money is the fact that the members are all using it to get traffic to their offers. The exchange part means that you view their ads and the other members view your ads. This means that you MUST have at least 1 advert to share with the other members.

If you do not already have an opportunity or traffic site to share, then I recommend you also join a second traffic exchange site. The one I suggest you join is Actual Hits 4U, and I will explain why I recommend this specific site in a moment.

Click Here To Join Actual Hits For You

How To Add Your Advert on Hungry for Hits

As I explained, you need to have at least 1 advert on Hungry for Hits to be able to use it for earning. To add your own advert you click first on the ADVERTISING tab in the main menu at the top of the site. Under this tab you then need to click on MY ADS tab. In this section there are multiple ad options, but the first one is WEBSITES.

When you click on the websites tab then you get to the page where you can add a link to the website you wish to promote.

Using our example of promoting Actual Hits 4U, you will first of all need to copy your referral link for this site. To find that click on the PROMOTE tab in Actual Hits 4U and the first option is Affiliate Toolbox. When you click that you will see your referral (affiliate) link at the top of the page. I have added a screenshot showing this link below:

This is the link you need to copy to add to Hungry for Hits. When you do that the members of Hungry for Hits will have the opportunity to become your referral on Actual HIts 4U.

The form to add your link to Hungry for Hits will just ask for the website name and the link. You can also set the max hits per hour option so the same people do not see your site over and over again. If you put 10 in that box your ad will only be shown 10 times each hour, so this can spread out the use of your ad credits and that can make them more effective.

After adding the link to the form, click on the ADD WEBSITE button and the system will test your page works ok on the site. You should see your site in the preview window as shown below. Only if you can see your site preview, then click the ACTIVATE YOUR WEBSITE button. This will add the site to your advert list so it is ready to be viewed by other members.

As I am a Gold level upgraded member of Hungry for Hits I can have 100 different adverts added to the system. I use a variety of options for advertising, and I will be using Hungry for Hits to set up my automated advertising for my earn $100,000 in 2024 plan.

After adding the link to the advertising section, you will need to allocate some ad credits before the ad will be seen by others.

Why Promote Actual Hits 4U?

There are 2 main reasons I recommend you add this site to Hungry for Hits. First of all it is another traffic exchange, so it is likely to appeal to the members you are advertising to. However the main reason is because you can easily upgrade your account on Actual Hits 4U just by surfing 1000 pages. Doing that will give you a $14 bonus as well as advertising, and you can use this to upgrade your account.

Upgraded account members earn more commission than free members, so this gives you a great chance to boost your earnings without having to spend your own funds to upgrade first. The bonus cash will be added to your Piggy Bank when you have surfed the 1000 pages.

When upgraded you can earn as much as $35 commission if you get a referral joining Actual Hits 4U at the Lifetime Upgrade level. If you are a free member, this commission would be $9.99 for the same purchase made by your referral.

Earning From Surfing on Hungry for Hits

So you can get views of your advert on Hungry for Hits, you will need to surf other member ads, or purchase an upgrade there. Surfing the ads will allow you to play the many games available, and these will give you a small cash bonus.

Below you can see the earnings that I have got when surfing other member ads on Hungry for Hits:

I usually aim to earn around $0.10 per day from surfing and playing the games. Although this is not a lot, it soon mounts up, and I can use it to pay for my upgrade. I checked today and I have earned a total of $121.33 just playing the games on Hungry for Hits and getting free bonuses:

In addition to the earnings on Hungry for Hits, I have also earned another $102.47 on Actual Hits 4U:

How To Earn $1000 Just Surfing on Traffic Exchanges

I have personally earned just over $200 with the 2 traffic exchanges mentioned in this blog post. I do not spend a lot of time surfing and could easily earn more if I spent more time doing that. In addition to these earnings I have also made $100+ on several other traffic exchanges.

I can confirm that I have personally earned and withdrawn as much as $5000 on a single traffic exchange, and I show the proof of that below:

Earning $1000+ on Hungry for Hits

I have now given myself the target of earning at least $1000 on Hungry for Hits (as well as other traffic exchanges too). This is all part of my earn $100,000 in 2024 plan.

I will be providing updates on my progress, as well as information on how I am promoting the sites and earning the cash.

Would you like to join me in this challenge?

Let me know below if interested in taking part in this earning challenge. You can aim for $1000 on multiple traffic exchanges, just on Hungry for Hits, or indeed $100,000 using multiple sites if you wish to do so.

Your first step for any of these plans is to start using Hungry for Hits and Actual Hits 4U. Use some of the funds you earn to pay for upgrades and this will give you fully automated advertising as well as qualify you for the higher level commission too.

I look forward to seeing your progress as well as sharing my own.

Ellie xx






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