Earning $1000 With Ads by UAP

Today I want to talk about earning $1000 with Ads by UAP. This is site number 1 in my earn $100,000 in 2024 plan. You can choose to focus on using this single site for earning, or you can follow my full plan if you want to. The full plan is to create 100 automated income streams which each earn $1000.

Today I will teach you how to create your first automated income stream that never stops growing!

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How To Earn with Ads by UAP?

There are several different ways you can earn with this site. The first one is by completing simple ad clicks….. and yes you can earn $1000 by doing this.

Step 1 – Complete Ad Clicks

To start earning with the ad clicks you will find the paid ads via the EARN MONEY tab:

There are lots of paid ads available on this site, and you will start off earning approx $0.10 by clicking on all the ads available:

To be able to click on the paid ads you need to click on the red button to unlock the ads first of all. This is to prevent bots being used.

After you click the ads you will see a timer appear and you need to keep the page open until that finishes. When the image captcha appears just click on the correct image (the one that is upside down) to confirm your ad click and get paid.

How To Earn $1000 From Clicking Ads?

Ok so earning $0.10 a day is not going to help you reach $1000 very fast is it? So what you need to do next is to work on team building. I know many people struggle with this, so I am providing the system that I already use. This system will add a constant flow of referrals to your account, will increase your daily earnings considerably, and will allow you to reach $1000 much faster.

Step 2 – Import Ad Page Into Leadsleap

To build your team on Ads by UAP you will need an account with Leadsleap and use it to build an email list. This is not hard to do, and all the tools you need are provided for free with this account.

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How To Use Leadsleap For Team Building

I will explain the process of using Leadsleap step by step, will provide you with the ads I use, and tell you where I place those ads.

The first step is to import a copy of my lead capture page that I use to get referrals on Ads by UAP. I actually use a few pages for this, but the first one to add is this page: https://llpgpro.com/simplesitepaysfortraffic/

The code to import this page into Leadsleap is page-aYVfbZWwwm

Click Here For Instructions on How To Import This Page Into Leadsleap

Just to be clear, this page is the advert that I use to promote Ads by UAP. You will also be using this ad to get referrals on Ads by UAP, and that will increase your daily income on the site.

So I can make sure everyone is following this guidance ok so far please add a comment below when you have completed steps 1 and 2.

Step 3 – Create Email List

When you are using a lead capture page, those people interested in the information you are providing will enter their name and email address into the form on the page. You need to create a storage list for these details.

Again you do this inside Leadsleap. To do it you click on LIST MANAGER and then ADD A NEW LIST. You will be asked to give your list a name. I call mine “Simple Site Pays For Traffic” so I know this is the one that matches the capture page.

When you have given it a name, save your list. You will then see it in the list manager section:

Before you can use this list you need to click on the little cog icon to activate it. You will see a form to complete to do this. You just need to add your name, email address and physical address to this form to comply with email regulations. You also need to fill in a verification code for your email addess. Click the blue send code button and then check in your email for the code. Copy it into the box on the form.

When you have verified your email and added the details as requested on the form, you can click on the tick box agreement then SAVE & ACTIVATE button:

Your email list will then be ready to start storing the contact details of your leads.

Step 4 – Connect Lead Capture Page To List

Before you can start using your lead capture page and list you need to connect them together. To do this you go back to the PAGE MANAGER and click on the LAUNCH EDITOR button:

Inside the editor, click on LIST in the side menu. Choose Use SendSteed and then click the GET LIST ID button. Choose your “Simple Site Pays For Traffic” list in the drop down box. The list ID will appear in the box.

Make sure you click on the green SAVE button which is at the top right of the page:

After saving you can now close the editor and page manager.

So I can make sure everyone is following this guidance ok so far please add a comment below when you have completed steps 3 and 4.

Step 5 – Add Welcome Email

When someone adds their details into the lead capture page the system will automatically send them an email. The next step is to add the email that you want to be sent out when someone joins your email list.

To do this click on LIST MANAGER and then on the single envelope icon. This is the email that I have added:

Subject: Just 5 Mins A Day Pays for Unlimited Traffic

~smartHi~This is so simple and effective….. I use this simple site to click on ads for 5 mins a day and then use funds to pay for my traffic upgrades!

Try it for yourself:


Ellie xx

PS My Surf for $10K System also helps a lot.
I help people reach that goal in my Facebook Group:

Click on the blue SAVE CHANGES button and your automated referral system is ready to start using.

Step 6 – Promote Your Lead Capture Page

When you have set up your Leadsleap account as directed above, it is time to add the lead capture page to traffic sites. This is what generates leads for you, and this builds your email list.

I have written a new blog post which will guide you step by step on how to add your lead capture page to a traffic site and how to earn ad credits:

Promoting Your Capture Page on Infinity Traffic Boost

Traffic generation is hard work at first because you need to earn ad credits by viewing other peoples ads on the traffic sites. However, when you work on this each day you will start to earn a little cash too. That cash can be used to pay for traffic site upgrades and that is when your system becomes fully automated.

When you pay for traffic it is a lot easier and faster to get results. The system runs for you in the background, and your team and income just keeps increasing without you having to do anything.

To succeed online long term, you need to work on building up your traffic levels all the time so you can increase the number of leads and referrals you get.

Below you can see that this lead capture page has gained 46 subscribers to my email list:

Notice that I have generated over 10,000 views of this page to achieve that.

List building is NOT a fast process. It takes time and working consistently on traffic levels every single day.

The good news about working on traffic however is this:

The more you do it, the easier and more effective it gets.

Focus on increasing your traffic levels and not on results. The results will come when you work on traffic generation.

My advice is to work on this single ad campaign until you have your first traffic site upgraded and the campaign is running for you on complete autopilot. Then and only then should you add another campaign.

When you do that your income from Ads by UAP will never stop increasing. It will move from $0.10 a day to $0.20, to $0.50 to $1+. Over time this single simple account will reach earnings of $10+ per day and $20 a day etc…… but ONLY when you have a fully automated traffic system running for you.

Focus on the traffic and everything else will happen like magic.

Ellie xx

PS I just got paid again from UAP:






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  1. Mike Cosma avatar

    Right now I have a free account at Leads Leap which limits the lcp to 10. I do have this full right now but I’m willing to delete pages to put these new ones in. Will 10 be enough for how you are planning this system? Or will a Leads Leap upgrade be required?

    1. ellieclicks avatar

      I am planning on adding 100 or more LCP in total Mike. If you can manage the upgrade then it is worth doing, but if not then you can choose 10 campaigns to focus on until you are ready!

  2. Colin Riley avatar
    Colin Riley

    Hi Ellie! I’ve completed steps 1 and 2 and I’m looking forward to what comes next.

  3. Laura Dews avatar
    Laura Dews

    Hi Ellie, I have this all set up and will be promoting today.

  4. Steven avatar

    I have completed steps 1-5 and am now working on step 6.

  5. Colin Riley avatar
    Colin Riley

    Hi Ellie – hope you’re doing ok (despite the stupid games Facebook are playing with you at the moment). Just letting you know I’ve completed steps 3 and 4.

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