The Golden Rule For Success Online

There are many strategies for success online, but I follow just 1 simple golden rule. This rule makes a massive difference to me, and I believe it will do the same for you.

The Golden Rule For Success Online is:


When you make earning the first priority of your day, everything else falls into place. Let me explain…..

Imagine that you want to make money selling a $10 affiliate product. The first thing you need to do is actually buy that product. It is impossible to write a review or teach others about a product that you have never used for yourself.

To buy the product you need some funds, so EARN FIRST and then purchase it. To promote that product you need advertising. Paid advertising is a lot easier to scale up, so EARN FIRST then purchase advertising.

Now when you teach others about this golden rule, what happens? They EARN FIRST and they have the funds to purchase the product. Then they EARN FIRST so they can purchase advertising.

The Golden Rule For Success means that you are NEVER promoting a paid item to people who do not have the funds to buy it or pay to advertise it.

This increases their success as well as yours.

The Golden Rule For Success creates a complete cycle where you make money, and the people you are teaching also make money. They are happy and earning and you are happy and earning. Most importantly you then have people who will listen to what you are saying and they will trust you.

How Do You Earn First?

Earning first is simple. You use free sites to make a little money. Completing simple tasks such as ad clicks every day BEFORE you do anything else is VITAL for your success.

It takes just 5 or 10 mins a day to earn a little money when you use a site like Ads by UAP or Ad Rev Split (or both).

Click Here To Join Ads By UAP

Click Here To Join Ad Rev Split

You will start out earning just $0.10 – $0.15 per day by using these sites BUT you WILL reach $5, or $10, or $20 earned when you use them EVERY DAY. Then when you share the golden rule for success with others guess what happens?

You earn more money every single day. Soon you are earning $1 a day, then $5 a day, then $10 a day. This amount builds forever. It becomes your first passive income stream as long as you keep using it and sharing it.


This system is NOT about earning a small income online. Not only does it build your daily income higher and higher on the free sites, it gains you a team of people who ARE ALSO MAKING MONEY. This means your team are not only able to follow you forward onto paid programs, they are also WILLING to follow you because they learned about The Golden Rule For Success from you.

Does It Actually Work?

This system is based on simple logic, and you may already understand the power it has, but let me show you anyway.

I have just started building Ads by UAP and so far I have gained 189 referrals and earned $67 in passive income:

I began working on Ad Rev Split earlier and this gained me over 3000 team members and it has already earned me $313.70 of passive income.

One paid program that I have promoted with this simple system is Pick and Profit.

Click Here To Join Pick and Profit

I have introduced almost 1500 people to this opportunity and have earned $1323.66 in passive income. I plan to earn $25,000 from this site alone…..

Pick and Profit is just ONE of the paid programs that I promote…… I have a whole list of paid programs and I make money with EVERY SINGLE ONE.

My Current Plan

Just so you understand the power of using this Golden Rule of Success Online….I am currently working on a plan to earn $100,000 in 2024. This involves setting up a system with 100 ad campaigns to run on complete autopilot.

Guess where the funds to pay for all of this automated traffic is coming from?

The constantly increasing passive income system that I have set up……

Do you understand now about The Golden Rule For Success?

Do you see how powerful it is?

I do hope so!

How To Share This Plan with Others?

I provide a copy of ALL the ads and ALL the blog posts for my team to make it easy to share. I want to make it very easy to succeed with this plan.

You will need to be a member of my downline on Global Domains International to have permission to use a copy of my blog posts. This is to help my team earn high level income from there as well.

Click Here To Join My Team On Global Domains International (You will be placed under Joseph when you use this link). I add a specific blog post for EACH of my team members on there….. so yes I will add one for you too!

If you have joined GDI already you can easily add a second account so you are in my team too…..

Ellie xx


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  1. Raju Mahtani avatar
    Raju Mahtani

    This is really very well-written. I am in Adsuap and Adrevsplit and I click then both.

    GDI I must join but do have problems to log into it.

    Pickand´profit must also join. There is a lot to be done so I must follow your footsteps.

  2. James avatar


    I have joined GDI under Joseph, I assume that the articles at the bottom of this blog are for going forward . But they wont open. So where do I go from here


    1. ellieclicks avatar

      Hi James, welcome to the GDI team.
      Have you been able to do the wordpress set up part for GDI yet?

  3. James avatar

    Hi I have done it but it has taken a while I am now waiting for the Email from them


  4. Angie avatar

    This is amazing i been earning a little daily with following your plan

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