Making Money Surfing on Traffic Exchanges

Its really quite interesting that most people I asked said they believed making money on traffic exchanges is possible….. but I don’t think the majority of people know how.

Yes of course you can make money by promoting something on traffic exchanges, but in some ways this is almost secondary to the main system used.

Today I want to explain more about the real power that traffic exchanges provide. It is somewhat hidden from plain site. To help me demonstrate this I will be going into detail about using a single traffic exchange. The site I will focus on today is Hungry for Hits.

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Now, I want to explain first of all that there are 4 main ways to make money on Hungry for Hits:

  • Using the ad credits to promote any other business you want to promote
  • Gaining referrals for Hungry for Hits directly
  • Playing games for Bonus Cash and Credits
  • Taking part in events and competitions

To help me demonstrate these earning options I will use the site today myself and highlight the different sections and activities.

Earning Ad Credits To Promote Other Businesses

Earning starts from the minute you log in to Hungry for Hits. You will get some free ad credits when you first log in each day:

Just by spending a few seconds with the login page open you will be awarded a credit bonus (usually 5 ad credits).

When you go to your dashboard there are lots of things to pay attention to. The first thing to do is to check out the daily events. You will see the promo code for the day at the top of the list:

To use the promo code you copy the text highlighted in red and enter it into the promo code box. You will find that by clicking on the rewards tab first. You will get notification of what you need to do to claim the reward. In this example I need to surf 150 pages to get 10 ad credits and 100 mini branders:

Before I start surfing I will check out the rest of the events page, and I will look for the spotlight ad added under the list:

Today there is a bingo event, and I can buy a ticket for this using either ad credits or bingo tokens. You can win bingo tokens when you surf the ads…..

I have used my bingo tokens to enter one of the games:

The next thing I do is claim the free prize for checking out the ad spotlight:

I got 3 ad credits for checking it out:

Lastly on the dashboard I scroll down and claim the daily reward. Today I got a bingo token….. I will save this one for next weeks bingo game!

Now I will start surfing for more free ad credits….. if not already done so you will be instructed to add an ad to your account and allocate some auto assign credits to that ad.

Adding an advert is very simple. You give it a name, add a link and specify the max hits per hour (if you add 10 or 20 max hits per hour it will get your ad seen by more members and make your ad credits last longer).

Playing Games For Bonus Cash and Ad Credits

The games where you can gain bonus cash and ads are shown when you surf the ads. To start surfing click on the surf button and the page will update to the surfing menu:

To see the next page you need to click on the image that matches the first one shown at the top of the page. Each time you do this you will gain some ad credits:

Now I surf at least 150 pages so I can be awarded the promo code prize for the day.

My Surfing Today

I have surfed just 21 pages and I see the option to take part in a promo event with cash prizes.

I surf another page and I see the VTG game and A La Minute Icons:

I click the VTG game icon to get a prize page, and I move the character to get the prize. This time I won 1 ad credit, sometimes I win cash with this game:

The A La Minute game is part of another site called The Food Game. This is a sister site of Hungry for Hits and I highly recommend you join it:

Click Here To Join The Food Game

When you log in there you can claim more prizes from surfing on different traffic exchanges:

I keep surfing on Hungry for Hits and by page 25 I see another game icon appear:

This one is again for The Food Game, and this time I win some “Gold” for clicking on the icon. Gold is a really good prize to get because you can use it to buy ads or even to pay for upgrades on 299 different traffic sites:

This is the main reason I recommend you join The Food Game site…… it can actually make you quite a bit of money.

I continued to surf until I reached 150 pages completed, and in the process I won loads of free advertising and some cash too. Below is a small selection of what I won:

Below you can see a screenshot of the cash I earned simply from surfing on Hungry for Hits in the past couple of days:

You might look at this and think its not a lot…… however I want to explain why it is very significant.

I convert my little cash winnings into Piggy Bank cash, and below you can see my current balance:

It is starting to look more interesting…… right?

I am currently saving my little cash bonuses to pay for a yearly gold upgrade on Hungry for Hits. Doing this means that I get a lot more bonuses as well as higher commission levels from my referrals.

I have already upgraded for 3 months using my earnings. Going for the yearly upgrade means I get fully automated advertising for a whole year.

The upgrade gives me 100 fully automated website ads, banner slots and text ads too. That forms the basis of my earn $100,000 in 2024 plan……

100 automated ads = 100 passive income streams. Aim to earn $1000 on each and you get $100,000.

As I am earning my upgrade by surfing that means NO funds required for a whole years worth of fully automated advertising for 100 income streams….

Starting to see the earning potential yet?

The Real Power of Traffic Exchanges

Ok, so hopefully you have learned a bit more already about this almost hidden earn your way to success system that is provided by Hungry for Hits. It is quite hard to fail when you have 100 fully automated ads for a year that you can get for free.

Yet again though this is not the full story. The real power comes from gaining referrals who follow you through the system. To understand this you need to look at the membership levels and commission rates:

A gold member earns 40% commission, so this is $2.40 per month for Silver level referrals or $4.80 per month for Gold level referrals. Lets just ingore the top levels for now…..

With 10 paid silver level referrals you would earn $24 per month, 100 paid referrals and you reach $240 per month, 1000 paid referrals = $2400 per month.

Now take that figure and multiply it by 100 again. This turns into $240,000.

That is what happens when you work on building 100 different traffic sites in exactly the same way.

Remember this is BEFORE you take account of the fact that you have 100 automated ad campaigns on 100 different sites, all building your income on whatever you want to promote.

All earned from surfing…..

What can I say?

Are you ready to learn how to get 1000 referrals on a traffic exchange yet?

You may like to have a look at my 1000 Referrals Challenge.

Ellie xx


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    Gary Riding

    Such a good post, Ellie. I never thought about using TE sites in this way.

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      Glad you enjoyed it Gary!

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