My Simple No Fail Earn Daily Cash Online Machine

As I am sure you know already, I love to earn daily cash online…… who doesn’t, right?

Today I decided was the day to set up a new daily cash machine and start using it to increase my daily income…..

So I start off by creating a new page on Leadsleap:

You can see the whole page here:

This page has 1 free program and 3 paid programs on it, each of which can be started with a single $10 payment.

The free program is currently paying me an average of $0.90 per day. I think I am earning over $1 a day now but the average is a more accurate figure to work on as daily earnings flucuate a bit.

I have earned $10.89 in the 12 days since I claimed my last withdrawal:

I don’t quite earn daily cash on any one of the paid programs yet, but I am close to reaching that target on one of them. I will start to monitor this and see if I can reach this goal on all 3 paid programs I have included.

My plan is to add this capture page to various traffic exchanges and mailers.

I will record my progress with this plan below so you can see exactly what I am doing each day…. my “journal style” posts are getting a lot of attention.

Day 1 – 6th November

Today I joined a new traffic exchange called Waterworld <<< Click Link to Join.

The first thing I do is add my page link and surf 300 pages to get the daily bonus on there. 300 is quite a lot but I am able to do that throughout the day in little blasts between writing this blog post lol. It seems like a very nice site!

My plan is to allocate 1000 hits to this page from each traffic exchange. I got just under 500 on Waterworld today, so will do another 300 page bonus on there tomorrow.

The next site I added my page to was Hungry for Hits <<< Click Link to Join.

I use this site daily so logged in and claimed the promos etc and was able to allocate 1000 hits straight away.

Next I added the page to Actual Hits 4U <<< Click Link to Join.

I also added it to the traffic co-op on there. As I am upgraded to lifetime member level I get a load of ads on there.

Then I added this page to Hot Flash Hits <<< Click Link to Join and to Zaney Clicks <<< Click Link to Join I allocated about 100 hits from each of those sites too.

I think that is enough for today….. Oh not quite. I am adding it to Infinity Traffic Boost too! <<< Click Link to Join

Not bad for the first day….

Of course I also sent the page to my email list.

Within an hour of setting up all these ads the referrals and sales started coming in:

Pretty Cool I think……

I will check my earning stats again in the morning to see how much I made today!

Day 2 – 7th November

I made about $100 yesterday from this single page which is pretty great for a new page. I always like it when a new campaign creates a flurry of activity….. however, what I want to achieve with this campaign is DAILY AUTOMATED SALES. That is very different to getting one off sales. Daily automated sales takes a lot of strategic thinking.

I need to focus on my traffic exchange plan to achieve daily automated sales.

This is quite a small campaign in terms of initial earning levels, but it will increase over time. I would like to reach a goal of $10 per day initially. Aiming for a constant flow of $10 commissions is a very good beginner campaign.

When creating a campaign like this you should understand that it will take time to achieve daily sales. It is important to focus only on the process of setting it up with the knowledge that results are not going to be seen fast.

It is very easy to get disheartened and distracted from your task at hand when you focus on getting results. Progress is what you should aim for.

Step 1 for me today is to aim for 1000 credits allocated on Waterworld TE. I see that I got 171 hits from this site yesterday:

I also got a result from this TE already as well which is great news:

After surfing 300 pages today on Water World I decided to upgrade. I have already earned $0.14 from surfing on there:

The fact I earned this so easily means easy commission is there to be had….. I also got results from my first ad on day 1. In addition this is a new traffic site so it will easily fit into my 1000 referrals strategy. I am just member number 102 so lots more members will be joining it. That makes this site prime material for promoting on other traffic exchanges….

Click Here To Read About My 1000 Referrals Strategy

Upgrading on Water World gave me 2000 ad credits straight away, and surfing gave me about 500 so I can now have 3 main campaigns running on autopilot.

In addition to my Daily Cash campaign I add my 1000 referrals lead capture page and my Earn 100K in 2024 page. 1000 hits added to each campaign:

Now my 100K in 2024 campaign, and my 1000 referrals campaign are starting to blend with my Daily Cash campaign….. Fact is my main job as a marketer is about getting people onto my email list so I can build a relationship with them. Each of my campaigns are designed to do that job. The more campaigns I have running the more leads I will generate FROM EACH TRAFFIC SITE I use.

Ok so progress check time…. My goal is to get my Daily Cash campaign added to 100 different traffic sites and allocate 1000 hits from each one.

  1. Water World TE = 1000 hits allocated
  2. Hungry for Hits = 1000 hits allocated
  3. Actual Hits 4U = 1000 hits allocated
  4. Actual Hits Co-op = 1000 hits allocated
  5. Infinity Traffic Boost = Unlimited hits allocated
  6. Hot Flash Hits = 1000 hits not allocated yet
  7. Zaney Hits = 1000 hits not allocated yet
  8. Diamond Hunting Games = 1000 hits allocated
  9. Diamond Hits 4U = 1000 hits not allocated yet
  10. Funky Monkey Hits = 1000 hits allocated






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