How To Get Referrals For PTC Sites

PTC sites are websites where you can get paid to view ads. A few examples of PTC sites are:

Neobux <<<<< Click Link To Join

I have withdrawn almost $600 from this account so far:

Ads By UAP <<<<< Click Link To Join

I have received over $700 from this account already:

FaucetWave<<<<< Click Link To Join

I have received $47.50 from FaucetWave already:

AdBuxPro<<<<< Click Link To Join

I have just started using AdBuxPro account today:

The great thing about PTC sites is they are very simple to use to earn a little bit of cash for free……. They usually work worldwide and have people from every country using them.

The not so great thing about PTC sites is they pay you very small amounts.

However, if you learn how to get referrals for PTC sites, then you will earn a lot more money. You earn a tiny bit of commission on each referral ad click as well as your own, so this can add up to quite a decent amount. Many people earn $500+ per month with PTC sites which is enough to change lives in many countries.

Today I want to help teach others about getting referrals for PTC sites so they can start increasing income levels by doing this.

One of the best ways to get referrals for PTC sites is to teach others how to use the sites effectively. I have created a group to help our members learn more about FaucetWave already, and this can help you a lot with getting referrals.

Click Here To Join Our FaucetWave Facebook Group

Another great way to get referrals for PTC sites is to write a blog post like this one. You can add a list of sites and provide updates about your own earnings and withdrawals just as I have done above. This provides people with useful information so they can join sites that are actually paying.

Alternatively you can write “How To Earn” blog posts such as this one:

Earning Cash and Traffic From FaucetWave

As blogging is such a good way to get referrals for any site you wish to promote it is one of the main reasons I recommend members of Team Build Machine join Global Domains International. That account was used to create this blog post and the one linked above as well!

There are many other ways to get referrals for PTC sites as well – I will keep adding information to this post to create a helpful resource for members of Team Build Machine.






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